Sunday, June 20, 2004 -- 9:59 P.M.

What makes a girl attractive to me? Looks? Sure. But I'm talking about serious attraction. I'm talking about I've-got-it-real-bad attraction. The kind that makes you want to write about it somewhere. Luckily, I've got this little corner of the web, here.

There haven't been too many of those in my life. I can count all of them on one hand. I, like every other male that has ever walked on Earth, have had scores of minor crushes. But only a rare few blossom into full blown attractions.

What made her so special? She was not like the previous one, who was perfect in my mind. But then again, perfect is overrated. A little inperfection is the mark of a human being.

She's pretty. Not stunning, but again, see above regarding perfection. She's tall and thin, but has a generous hip. She wears little make-up, and keeps her blond hair simple and straight. Her smiles to me make my blood boil. I live to hear the joy in her laughters.

She doesn't seem to be very outgoing. Shy, undemanding, keeps to herself, mainly. The rare moments that she opens up around me, talking randomly, makes me believe she is as pretty as anyone I have ever met.

She has a pessmistic streak about her, but I am unsure how much of that bleeds into the sharp sarcasm she can dish out. She appears to be unconfident, but when placed in a leadership role, she executes with precision. And her memory--impeccable.

She was so nice to me. She is so nice to everyone. She doesn't possess an ounce of the plastic fakeness in modern women. There's no ditz, no pretense of sincerity. If a joke isn't funny, she'll laugh politely, not pretend it's hilarious.

And she listens. That's an enormous point for me. A lot of people claim they listen, but they don't really listen. Listening is not brushing the words off with a, "Ah. Interesting." Listening is not taking the subject matter at hand and going off into a tangent regarding yourself. Listening is asking questions. Listening is taking what is said and offering analyzed counterpoints. Most importantly, listening is remembering. She listens.

Her fiance--he's a lucky man.

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