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About Us
Chin Fong

Chin is FPictures' primary photographer. He is the main man on all assignments, wielding multiple pounds of professional equipment that sucks in light at ridiculous speeds. A Photoshop wizard, he has yet to meet a defective photo he could not cure. Chin's combination of people skills, obsessiveness with quality, and digital darkroom mastery has steadily propelled the demand for his services, hence the birth of FPictures. The creative direction and client relationships of FPictures is under his direct guidance.


Eric Wu

Eric Wu is FPictures' secondary photographer. He uses a Canon 30D SLR, with an array of prime and zoom lenses that cover 15mm to 200mm focal lengths. He is responsible for maintaining the high-level strategic vision of FPictures, and driving assignments and projects to completion. He is also responsible for the technical upkeep of FPictures.com, so feel free to send nasty e-mails to him if the site is misbehaving.

Eric's interest in photography began when he fell into the role of being his family's designated photographer during vacations because everyone else was too lazy. He made the jump to professional gear when, on a trip to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, he became frustrated trying to capture shots of quick-swimming sea otters in dim lighting and threw his point and shoot into the shark tank.  Just kidding about the shark tank part.


Leo Chan

Leo Chan's interest in photography started when he started traveling around the United States.  As he took pictures of his trips, he realized the complexity of photography.  Luckily, he found Chin and Eric who are both interested in photography and started learning from them.  And not long after, FPictures was born as a collaboration between the three of them.  Currently, he is in charge of the day-to-day business operations of FPictures. 


Random Photo from our Archives