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Nothing More To See Here
[12-06-02] [04:33 P.M. PST]

Gerry has retired. There will be no more updates here.

Have a nice day.

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Estoy parando el Mundo del Arroz
[09-22-02] [09:47 A.M. PST]
Before I go

Before I go, I would like to point your attention to one of the best sites on the entire WWW. I've literally spent hours just reading the shit they have on the site, and I've only just read the tip of the iceberg. If you're bored and literate, go over to www.classicreader.com. There, they have full text transcriptions of famous novels, short stories, poems, etc. Forget going to Borders or Barnes & Noble. Just click on over and you can find all your literary needs. Unfortunately, there isn't that much contemporary stuff. But I'm more of a classic work reader myself.

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Three New Things I Discovered
[08-30-02] [12:31A.M. PST]

Hello, everyone. I took last week off so I could visit a bunch of doctors and get some much-needed rest. My bout w/ Bell's Palsy is going well, although my face still feels like I went a couple rounds w/ Lennox Lewis. Thanks again to Rice for subbing in for me.

Taking an entire week off work was just what I needed, and as I spent my days on the couch, I was able to discover 3 new things that I had absolutely no knowledge about prior to my illness.

  • While lying on the couch flipping through horrible daytime television, I decided to give Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon a chance, and I discovered that it is one of the more entertaining kids' cartoons out there. It's got enough humor for kids, but it also has a certain intelligence that grown people can enjoy. You can't help but be charmed by this lovably naive sea sponge that lives in the bottom of the sea. His friends are also a hoot. You'll love the delightfully vapid Patrick, the sea star w/ no brains.

  • I also discovered this fruit called the pluot. Here's a description of it from www.bouquetoffruits.com:

    "PLUOTS® and APRIUMS® are "interspecifics" - complex hybrids of plum and apricot. Pluots (sometimes called Dinosaur Eggs) have predominantly plum parentage and smooth skins like plums. With their scant fuzz, Apriums resemble apricots in the expression of their 'cot parentage...Additionally, the sugar content of our interspecifics is much higher than in standard plums or apricots, yielding fruit of incomparable sweetness."

    The pluot basically is a plum that's more solid, so the liquid doesn't drip all the way down your forearm as you eat it. The texture is more firm and crisp, yet it's still soft and friggin' delicious. It really is a fruit of incomparable sweetness. It's delicious.

  • Since I was bed-ridden, my cousin provided me w/ some books, Phillip Pullman's excellent His Dark Materials trilogy. It's sorta like Harry Potter, but w/ a female protagonist, Lyra. There's a lot more philosophy and more concentration on mathematics and science, but Pullman has a wry style that's very entertaining. The story also chugs along at a nice pace. No 700-pagers in His Dark Materials, which consist of The Golden Compass (Book I), The Subtle Knife (Book II), and The Amber Spyglass (Book III).


I think we can all enrich ourselves by discovering something new each day. It doesn't have to be something as cataclysmic as discovering a new, yummy fruit worthy of the gods. =) It can be something as little as brushing your teeth in the shower to save time, or trying an alternate route home from work. Or try to eat only using your left hand. Just something to augment your routine. Who knows, maybe it'll even become part of your routine. Sorry, this is about as preachy as I ever get. =P

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