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Finis Coronat Opus
[ 3-25-03 ][ 1:38 a.m. pst ][ By Rice ]

Addendum (4-1-03): Not an April Fool's joke. We're done, guys.

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HTTP Goodbye - Thanks for actually reading this far down. It's been trippy.

Internet Explorer (woo! woo!)

Cartoons of the Day
[ 3-23-03 ][ 8:22 p.m. pst ][ By Rice ]

And on a lighter note:


Thanks to those who entered the Oscar contest. The rest of you who didn't... well, I don't quite understand why you wouldn't. It costs nothing to enter, you have a (considerably good) chance to win money, it takes no knowledge because you can just guess, you don't have to be afraid of public humiliation if you don't win, and it takes at most 45 seconds (not exaggerating) to choose using a few simple drop-down menus and then entering in your e-mail.

It's quite saddening that we're going to go out with a whimper rather than a bang. But I guess that's how everyone ends up at the end, huh? The sight of Willie Mays stumbling around in the outfield, Mark McGuire flailing at slow fastballs, Michael Jordan chucking up bricks left and right, and Rice World's final contest achieving a record low turnout.

Sorry, I don't mean to be bitter. But I can't hide the fact that I am disappointed.

Oscar Pool & Rice-Mates
[ 3-17-03 ][ 11:42 a.m. pst ][ By Rice ]

If you haven't noticed, I've posted up our annual Oscar contest via a little animated gif button to your left, on top of the Headlines column. The deadline is March 23rd, i.e. this coming Sunday, so get your rear in gear!


Also, in a stroke of generosity, Gerry has decided to fix up the latest and final Rice-Mates of the Month issue, even though I had told him it was not necessary since we're closing shop in a few weeks. In addition to the regular two Rice-Mates, we've added THREE more to the mix--two to make up for the lost month of February, and one as a final hurrah.

The result is a MASSIVE issue. Beware... there are over 80 (!) pictures, and since we're too lazy to thumbnail them properly, it'll take a while to download all of them onto your browser.

Eyes! Eyes! Everywhere!

Crossroads of Twilight
[ 3-13-03 ][ 2:38 a.m. pst ][ By Rice ]

Earlier today, I completed a project I started at the beginning of the quarter. Naturally, it has nothing to do with school. Starting from week 1, I began to re-read the Wheel of Time. Book 10, Crossroads of Twilight, was released during winter break, and since I haven't touched Robert Jordan's epic fantasy for several years, I thought it wise to start from the beginning again to fully appreciate the scope.

To make a long story short, Crossroads of Twilight is flat out the worst book of the series. Virtually nothing happens in 700 pages of text. Put it this way--I actually feel sorry for the chap at Tor Publishing who had to try and write an engaging summary of the book on the hardcover jacket flaps.

Robert Jordan seems to be resting on his laurels after all the accolades that the Wheel of Time has garnered for him. Books 1-3 were riveting. Books 4-7 less so, but still made me stay up past my bedtime. The rest (8-10) are 75% filler and 25% fluff. Action became few and far between. Political "intrigue" took center stage. I double checked the cover at times to make sure I wasn't accidentally holding a text book.

During one chapter in CoT, I literally slammed the book shut and threw my arms into the air, muttering choice words in having to wade through the frustratingly unimportant content. I am aware that small details only help enhance the fantasy world more fully, but it shouldn't be doing so at the expense of slowing down the story.

It's a shame I'm feeling this way, really. Jordan's universe is fascinating and detailed. His characters multi-dimensional and unique. His story is gripping, when it actually is being advanced.

The worst part of this entire affair is that I'm mired too deep into the saga. I've dedicated myself to about 7,000 pages of Jordan's world, and that means I'm simply too bitterly entrenched to not see it to the very end.

For those that have never read the WoT, or haven't touched it since the last release, I encourage you to wait... wait until the series is finally flaming complete. That way, you'll never find yourself in my predicament where you suffer through a book as dry as ashes, and then have to wait 2+ more years for the next segment of the story.

Okay I'm done. I just had to let out some steam. Final exams are approaching!

Unreal II & Prospects of War
[ 3-8-03 ][ 11:15 a.m. pst ][ By Rice ]

"In the gaming industry, it's not as easy to get away with that as it is in Hollywood. Gamers demand more for their money... spit 'n shine polish won't go the distance anymore." ->>


So, it looks like war is inevitable. Even if the U.N. doesn't agree, Dubya and Tony Blair are still going to go forward with the operation. It seems neither will be satisfied unless Saddam disarms down to his boxers while exiling to some remote, unknown location, such as Idaho.

And on the other side, North Korea's generating nukes and shaking their fists at us like cornered badgers. Quite a pretty mess the world is in. But what can you do? Bush ignores anti-war efforts almost as well as he's ignoring everything else except Iraq. Every day we see the same war prep stories in the news. The administration playing hardball with the U.N., while shipping more American boys across the sea.

The kicker is I can't seem to generate much more than a passing interest. It almost feels like the unfolding events are part of a TV series. Anyone else feel the same? Projects and upcoming final exams, not to mention finding work for the summer occupies most of my mind. Is that a good thing? Apathy due to how secure we are in knowing the war most likely won't be touching our lives directly?

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